University Spotlight – University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is a public university in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It has 14 specialty colleges, including Arts, Teachers’ College, Environmental Design, Engineering School, Business School, Law School, Kinesiology, Medical School, Veterinary School, and others. Around 140,000 students have graduated from the college, and there are around 25,000 students currently enrolled at the university. An additional 5,500 graduate students are also enrolled at last count by our staff. It is known as one of the top colleges in Canada, and is ranked seventh as a research university. Besides the main campus, other facilities include the West Campus, Downtown Campus, and the Qatar Campus.

The university has been awarded over $1 billion for research purposes because important inventions have already come from this college. The Department of Geosciences and the Schulich School of Engineering are important schools at the University of Calgary, mainly due to the fact that Calgary has the most geoscientists and engineers in Canada. The research teams at these colleges, as well as the Faculty of Science, work closely with the petroleum and geoscience industry.

The university has continued to grow over the years since its beginning in 1905 when it was called the Alberta Normal School. In 1966, it became the University of Calgary, and other additions have been added to the college, expanding the academic programs that are available. In 2008, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was opened. The veterinary school focuses on equine health, production animal health, public health, and investigative medicine. In 2007, the Child Development Centre opened, featuring Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design construction, which is an environmentally friendly building. It is home to a child-care facility as well as to researchers who are working on child health issues.

Admission requirements for the university are to complete an application and then have a transcript from high school sent to the college. After that, an evaluation takes place that takes about a month to complete. At this time, the student’s records are verified to ensure that all prerequisite courses have been completed. readers will enjoy knowing that prospective students are welcome to tour the campus and to meet with advisers who can guide them in choosing the degree program that meets their future goals.  Their are many lodging options available to help you plan your stay.

Various degree programs have different admission requirements, and those leaving high school have different requirement than adult students. Admission to the university is competitive, and not all applicants are accepted into the programs for which they apply. There are many scholarships and other forms of financial aid offered to students. First-year students were awarded over $4 million in awards in past years.

The university has many strong academic programs, including those from the Haskayne School of Business. The college offers a variety of degrees with specialties that are geared toward specific business purposes, such as Energy Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, HR and Organizational Dynamics, International Business, Management Information Systems, and others that are focused on today’s business needs. Graduate degrees from this college include Executive MBA’s and Global Energy Executive MBA’s. Each of the university’s colleges offers programs that prepare students not just for today’s world, but also for the future.

The faculty at the University of Calgary has impressive credentials, and many are involved in research. Faculty members are active in determining the prerequisites for courses that they teach, and they work closely with students. Students are prepared for competitive jobs in the future, thanks to the high academic standards that the faculty has from them. The faculty plays an important role in supporting students whose goals include earning a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctorate degree.

There have been many Canadian graduates from the University of Calgary who have gone on to become highly successful and have remarkable careers. Among these is the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, who graduated from the university in 1991.